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Updated: Feb 19

The Water District will be cleaning, painting, and making general repairs to the storage tanks at both water plants in the coming months. Presently Water Plant No. 2 on Timberline Drive is offline and out of service for repairs and touch up painting. Following repairs and testing, the plant will be placed back online to service the district. Water Plant No. 1 will be taken offline leaving us with limited pressure storage. This will limit available pressure storage for fire suppression EXTREME caution should be exercised when considering outdoor burning.

While the No. 2 Water Plant is out of service, we will be pulling Well No. 4 televising, brushing, acidifying screens, testing, and disinfecting the well. We believe there is a casing leak allowing surface water to interface with the well water. We intend to seal this well more securely to prevent future floods from being able to contaminate our potable supplies. We test our wells water quality regularly and also when we suspect contamination may have occurred following floods and heavy rainfall events.

Existing valves are being replaced with positive sealing resilient seat valves. New screens will be installed on vents. Tanks will be pressure washed, spot blasted, and touch up painting will round out these repairs at Water Plant No. 2. The water plants like most of the water and sewer system have many items which are at, and in some cases, over their expected life and no longer grant durability and positive sealing capabilities. Most of our system valves leak to the point that the main repairs are difficult to achieve.

A contract is expected to be awarded soon to address deficiencies in the water systems mains and valves. We are anticipating changing all 2" mains out with 6" mains. Our district engineer AEI Engineering is working on plans and specifications for system upgrades currently. All modifications to the existing water system require plans to be approved by TCEQ prior to implementation.

The new board of directors at the Lone Star Groundwater Conservation District

{LSGCD) has removed caps placed on production initiated by the original board that were working to reduce head loss and protect our future use of this supply. It is important that you do your homework when voting in these elections. Your Future water availability depends on us getting this right. We cant just ignore science and hope for the best. Utilizing more water than can naturally recharge these supplies can cause subsidence and permanently diminishes the aquifers ability to recharge. For your protection and future generations, please elect LSGCD directors who utilize science and have experience in this field, or we will all pay the price for their failure to act in our best interest.

The District has joined with other water suppliers to contract with HARC

( Houston Advanced Research Center), 801 Gosling Road, The Woodlands Texas to prove the science LSGCD has disputed. In the 42 years I have been with Montgomery County WCID #1, we have lost our Chicot Well to pressure decline and have 2 Evangeline Wells close to their useful life due to loss of aquifer storage. That is over 300 feet of decline in static water levels. We must get this under control ... sooner rather than Later!

Our Wastewater system is under constant repair. We lined many of our known problem areas in 2018 and 2019. This requires cleaning, televising, and reacquiring gradient to facilitate flow prior to pumping an internal liner into the main. Heated water is used to harden the liner against the wall of the original sewer line. This will give us many years of additional service from these mains.

It is important to keep undesirable items out of the system. Your water district spends thousands of dollars a month removing Items which should not have been flushed down the drain. Disposable diapers, flushable wipes, and even paper, and hair are not treatable and stop up sewerage system and pumps. We are in the process of placing an ultra-fine screen on the head-works of the wastewater treatment plant to try and prevent entry of debris that was not meant to infiltrate the treatment process. This is several hundred thousand dollars of your money to remove things that shouldn't have been there to begin with. Most stoppages in your home sewer laterals are due to plastic applicators and bags, rags (flush-able wipes), grease, paper, and hair.

They commingle to produce blockages which can damage your home from sewer backups. In most cases these stoppages and resulting damage are not covered by your insurance. The district under general law has no responsibility for line blockages which occur from these events as well. Your out of pocket costs can skyrocket from something you can control.

We are in the developmental stages of a design of a new water office to serve your needs. We would like to incorporate a drive through for your use submitting payments. We are exploring various options to improve and better serve the District.

We have approached the HOA about purchasing the area south of our present office where the Tennis court once stood. The additional parking would provide both agencies much needed improvements. We would be leasing their present office and meeting facilities back to them on a long-term beneficial contract which could improve their financial picture as well allowing them to channel monies towards other areas of their operation benefiting all of us.

The water district has recently completed replacement fencing around your ballpark. We are also making improvements to the pool including the addition of a bath house which includes duel use park bathrooms. We are looking forward too many improvements to our recreational facilities we trust you will enjoy. Your comments and thoughts are always appreciated.

Jackie Chance

Montgomery County WCID#1



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