The District is governed by a 5 member board who is elected by the residents of the district. Meetings are held monthly at the Water district office, on the third Tuesday of every month. Notice of meetings is posted on the districts office as well as on the districts website. Occasionally this date and/or time may change due to holidays or scheduling conflicts, however notice will be given to residents prior to the meeting. Special meetings are held as needed and public notice is given the same way as regular meetings. The Public is welcome at all of our board meetings. 

Jim Jacobs

Position:  President

Term of Office:  05/2018 – 05/2022

Wayne Stringer

Position:  Vice President

Term of Office:  05/2018 –05/2022


Jan Young

Position:  Treasurer

Term of Office:  05/2018 - 05/2022


Christine Rife

Position:  Secretary

Term of Office:  011/2020 - 05/2024

Jack Curtis

Position: Asst. Secretary \ Treasurer

Term Of Office: 11/2020 - 05/2024